Jacks Hill

Jack’s Hill Cafe is one of the most famous stop-off points for trucks in the UK due to its large outdoor spacing; however it also holds legendary status with bikers, cyclists and car enthusiasts alike.

Opened in 1955, Jack’s Hill has plenty of history behind its name with it being a Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD) hospital providing medical treatment during the World War 1; however it was sadly demolished after a fire in 1930. After that it became a Mansion House that became very popular with travelers therefore becoming part of the Tower Cafe Group in 1955.

Since then it’s been used as the backdrop of Top Gear, Scrapheap Challenge and it’s even featured on Songs of Praise!

Below are some pictures we have managed to find about its previous history.

Below Are some pictures of the other Tower Cafes and merchandise that was available. We are the last one still standing.